Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) genotypes have propensities to recur in a geographic area, of which can undergo cycles of emergence and spread affecting multiple countries. These have been sub-divided into seven regional pools:

  • Pool 1: South East, East & Central Asia
  • Pool 2: South Asia
  • Pool 3: West Eurasia & Middle East
  • Pool 4: East Africa
  • Pool 5: Central & West Africa
  • Pool 6: Southern Africa
  • Pool 7: South America

FMD virus Pool 1 (South East, East & Central Asia) and Pool 7 (South America) have established their own regional FMD control programmes often referred to as roadmaps. 

In Pools 2-6 (since 2012), regional roadmap meetings have been conducted with the main objectives:

  1. Review and assess countries’ progress on FMD virus circulation within the regional ecosystem, to assist in planning of vaccination and other preventive measures;
  2. Review and assess countries’ progress in respect to the vision identified by the region;
  3. Identify areas for improvement and needs for assistance;
  4. Provide technical training in priority topics identified by the region.

Currently, FMD roadmaps are effective in the  following regions:

  • West Eurasia
  • Middle East
  • South Asia (SAARC)
  • East Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa