The Global Strategy thus far has been successfully implemented in 72 of 79 affected countries (including in zones) where the majority of countries advanced to PCP Stages 1 and 2 and few countries to Stage 3. Some countries had their official control programme endorsed by the OIE and some others got official recognition of FMD free status without vaccination while limited countries remained in Stage 0 as illustrated in the map below. Countries in Stage 1 are assessing the FMD virus prevalence and identify high risk spots and those in Stage 2 have adopted and implementing national risk-based strategies. The added value is these monitoring programs assist with generating the regional and global surveillance results needed to inform FMD virus status and best approach for control strategy. 

* Should a country wish to work on the templates in word format, please contact the GF-TADs FMD Working Group at [email protected] and [email protected].

PCP-FMD Guidelines

Risk Assessment Plan (RAP)*

Risk Based Strategic Plan (RBSP)*

Foot and mouth disease vaccination and post-vaccination monitoring (FMD-PVM)

Official Control Programme (OCP)*