Global control of African swine fever: A GF-TADs initiative

The GF-TADs initiative for the Global control of ASF aims to tackle strategic challenges, promote partnerships, strengthen prevention and preparedness measures, and minimise the adverse impacts of ASF. The GF-TADs platform allows regional alliances to be fostered and provides opportunities for synergies with existing control strategies for other transboundary animal diseases.

The Initiative provides the structure to work towards the global control of ASF. It establishes a theory of change, translated into a logic framework - which describes the outputs and indicators according to the following three objectives:

Objective 1. Improve the capability of countries to control (prevent, respond, eradicate) ASF using OIE standards and best practices that are based on the latest science.

Objective 2. Establish an effective coordination and cooperation framework for the global control of ASF.

Objective 3. Facilitate business continuity.

An operational plan defines the specific activities to be implemented in order to achieve these objectives.

You can access the operational plan through the link on the right panel. If you cannot access that link (smartsheet) you can request a PDF version of the table from FAO contact or OIE contact