The overall objectives of the Global GF-TADs Action Plan are as follows:

  1. Provide leadership in the control of priority TADs with global or over-regional importance;
  2. Facilitate collaboration and maximize synergies among the major organizations involved in animal and public health at global and regional level, while involving individual countries and communicating with stakeholders having specific interests in production, welfare, environment , trade in live animals or their products, etc;
  3. Prevent the occurrence and reduce potential impacts of major animal disease events on animal production, animal health, animal welfare, trade, livelihoods and economies, as well as on human health;
  4. Promote adequate governance of Veterinary Services in accordance with OIE standards through capacity building programmes at national and regional levels;
  5. Strengthen the GF-TADs supporting instruments such as the “Global Tools” GLEWS, CMC-AH, OFFLU and RAHCs as well as the OIE and FAO Reference Centre networks, and pursue their sustainability;
  6. Promote adequate funding for activities regarding animal disease prevention, detection and control activities in countries where the disease is absent (or low incidence) as well as in countries where the disease is endemic (often in developing countries), where appropriate including the establishment of funds for compensation of animals culled during eradication campaigns;
  7. Ensure adequate funding of the global and regional GF-TADs basic needs, i.e. the basic costs to maintain and operate the governance structures and Secretariats, and the operational costs for Working Groups, Study Groups, and coordination and strategy-development meetings.

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