At the Global level, the GF-TADs Global Steering Committee provides guidance on technical activities of global scope to be implemented by the GF-TADs Global Secretariat under the supervision and agreement of the GF-TADs Management Committee.

The GF-TADs Global Steering Committee provides also strategic directions to the Regional Steering Committees for the definition of their annual or multi-annual Action Plans and facilitate collaboration and coopeation between the global and regional levels.

The Global Steering Committee provides the oversight of GF-TADs; it is co-chaired by FAO and the OIE and includes GF-TADs donor(s), RECs.

The GF-TADs Management Committee is a decision-making body: it makes all final decisions regarding the GF-TADs initiative at the global and regional levels.

The GF-TADs Global Secretariat is hosted in FAO and works under the supervision of the GF-TADs Management Committee composed of FAO and OIE Members. All the proposals of the GF-TADs Global Secretarat must be agreed by the GF-TADs Management Committee before being implemented.

The GF-TADs Regional Steering Committees ensure coordination of the activities at the regional level with the logisttical support of the GF-TADs Regional Secretariats who are hosted by the OIE Regional Representations.

As with the Regional Commissions, the FAO and OIE representations will be critical to participate in overseeing or advancing the implementation of the GF-TADs objectives and developing additional financial support. The Regional Steering committee ensures sub-Regional coordination of the clusters and monitors progress and determines, with the Regional and Global Secretariat, performance indicators for effective field, laboratory, epidemiological evaluation of disease events and control efforts. 

Regional Steering Committees are composed of representatives of Chief Veterinary Officers, representatives of the Regional Specialised Organisations involved with animal health, specific donors, and representatives of centralised and regional structures of the FAO and OIE. The permanent secretariats of the Regional Steering Committees are hosted by the OIE Regional Representations.

Governance diagram

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